Is Petter Solberg and Monster Energy a Good Fit?


Let’s talk about the war of energy drinks and Petter Solberg this time. We start with drinks: basically in every motorsport or extreme sport discipline there’s a battle between Red Bull, Monster Energy and Rockstar. Red Bull supports more disciplined or old school athletes, usually champions with many years of experience; Monster Energy concentrates on young guns, athletes with a lot of passion and strong lifestyle.


While Red Bull sends people to space, wins F1 titles, WRC, Dakar and many more, Monster is pretty much hungry for the wins, so the situation that happened at the beginning of 2015 got me thinking: are Monster Energy and Petter Solberg a good fit?


Let’s compare: here are some trending Social Media posts from an usual Monster Energy athlete:


Pictures taken from: Buttsy Butler Instagram, Liam Doran Instagram, Max Tvardovsiy Instagram

And here is Mister Holywood:


Pictures taken from: Petter Solberg official Facebook

While you see people with tattoos, fancy street style, beautiful girls with faces that always scream “sex”, on Solberg’s Social Media we see his wife, his son, family dinners and other family values of a typical 40 year old Norwegian. Even when he’s with a gun, promoting the drink with Monster Girls, he still writes about his family.


It seems to me that Monster Energy betrayed their authenticity and values here for trophies and a World Title. Also don’t forget that ME is the promoter of RX, so they were really afraid to be beaten at their own event.


World Rally Cross title is still up for grabs, although Petter Solberg has a 26 point lead from Timmy Hansen (Red Bull driver), everything will go to the wire this weekend in Argentina.