Driving Forward: Giti Tires Shine as OEM Choice

Leading worldwide tire producer Giti Tire is still firmly established as many premium car companies’ preferred OEM Tires (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner. Giti demonstrated its technological innovations and solid relationships with leading automakers at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, emphasizing its role in promoting sustainability and innovation in the automobile sector. 8 of the top 10 passenger car brands in Beijing in 2024 have a partnership with Giti Tire.

Beijing Auto Show in 2024

With the theme “New Era, New Cars,” the 18th Beijing Auto Show was a noteworthy occasion that highlighted the industry’s transition towards sustainability, electrification, and intelligence. The program included 278 electric vehicle (EV) models, the most to date, and 117 world premieres. This event highlighted the most recent technologies from the biggest automakers, demonstrating the industry’s emphasis on technological developments and green development.

Giti Tire’s presence at the Beijing Auto Show was notable, with its products prominently featured on vehicles from renowned brands like BYD, GAC, SAIC, Changan, Great Wall, Volkswagen, Geely, and Chery. Among the top ten passenger car brands, eight collaborated with Giti Tire, demonstrating the company’s extensive reach and influence in the OEM market.

Innovation in Tire Technology and Product Development

At the event, Giti Tire’s dedication to technological innovation was clear. The company’s primary goal is to provide high-performance, intelligent tires that satisfy the changing demands of the automotive industry, especially the expanding electric vehicle sector. Smart tires, RFID-chipped tires, self-sealing tires, silent foam tires, and low-temperature low rolling resistance tires are a few of Giti’s cutting-edge innovations. Giti also stresses the use of materials sourced sustainably, which is in line with worldwide environmental trends.

Strategic Focus: Technology, Digitalization, and Talent

In 2024, Giti Tire aims to drive high-quality development through a strategic focus on being “technology-driven, digital-driven, and talent-driven.” This approach involves leveraging technological insights to develop advanced tires, enhancing digital capabilities for better market responsiveness, and fostering talent to drive innovation. Giti’s strategic focus ensures the company remains at the forefront of the automotive industry’s transformation.

Expanding Product Range and Market Reach

Giti Tire keeps adding products to its lineup in order to meet the varied demands of the market. The GitiControl P10, the off-road Giti4x4 series, and the best-selling GitiComfort series are just a few of the premium tire lines that the company offers. Giti’s wide range of products aids in its market penetration, especially in the OEM sector where reputable tire manufacturers depend on high-quality, long-lasting tires for electric vehicles.

GitiControl P10 tires seen on the iCar at the Beijing Auto Show

Outlook for the Future and Sustainable Development

Giti Tire is dedicated to environmental preservation, using green manufacturing techniques, and sustainable development. Eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient production techniques are given priority in the company’s tire designs and manufacturing processes, which demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. In the future, Giti hopes to keep advancing technological innovation and sustainability in the tire business, advancing the global automobile sector.

Giti Tire- A Brief History

The history of Giti Tire started in 1951 when inner tubes and bicycle tires were produced in Indonesia. The company increased the scope of its offerings and its geographic reach over the years. With the establishment of a complete passenger vehicle and light truck tire factory in Anhui, China, in 1993, the name “Giti Tire” was created. Since then, Giti has expanded to run production facilities in China, Indonesia, and the US, supplying tires to over 130 nations and supporting about 30,000 jobs globally. Important turning points include the opening of a US production facility in 2017 and the establishment of offices in the US and Europe in 2005 and 2009, respectively. Giti’s history is marked by continuous growth and innovation, positioning it among the world’s leading tire manufacturers.


Giti Tire’s prominent presence at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show highlights its role as a key OEM partner for major automotive brands. Through technological innovation, strategic focus, and a commitment to sustainability, Giti Tire continues to lead the way in the tire industry, supporting the automotive sector’s transformation towards a greener, more technologically advanced future. As the industry evolves, Giti Tire’s dedication to quality and innovation ensures it remains a trusted partner for car manufacturers worldwide.