Interview with Teemu

Teemu Peltola is building and drifting diesel Mercedes estates for years now. Team Black Smoke Racing is familiar to any drift fan, because of their ‘just do it’ approach. I had a chance to speak with Teemu about telescopic handlers, Gatebil and finnish attitude to life.


– Where are you from?
– Finland

– What is the best place to go in Finland?
– Lapland


– What are you working on at the moment?
– With my own company since 2011. I have 5 telescopic handlers.

– What motivates you?
– Fans

– Why do you think fans follow what your team does so much? I mean, does any other drift team sell so much merchandise?
– We drive a diesel and also, when everything works, we sometimes succeed in races. We have had a lot of problems with the car and it´s not a secret – I think that helps people to identify with us more easily.


– Who are the people behind Black Smoke Racing? By looking at your BSR page, I see that you guys don’t lack irony!
– It´s me , Patrik Wargh and Joni Uunila. Our main mechanic is Jesse Haapala.

– How did you end up in drifting? I heard a story that you were doing tractor pulling before, is that true? tell me more.
– We just wanted to build a diesel car to drift. I don’t have any motorsport background.


– What’s your plan for 2017?
– Plan is to develop the CDI (common rail engine) more, we will use a NIRA aftermarket ECU. We will attend Gatebils at least. I also bought a Nissan S13 with 2JZ, its just a drift missile, the number one car will be the diesel Mercedes!

– You don’t think that you will have a full competitive drift program, just random events for fun?
– I hope someday to drive a whole series, but it´s almost impossible with current unreliable car, still, I think 2017 will be a good year for developing the CDI engine and I really hope that I can drive a whole series in 2018.


– What’s your favourite Finnish word or sentence? What does it mean?
– ’ei se siihen hajua’ = ’it won’t break when doing that’ , I say often when we tune our Mercedes….


– What do you say when it does break? :)
– Normally we are depressed for maybe 5-10 min :D and then we just try to build it better..

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