Interview with Ola

Ola Jæger is the latest addition to the Norwegian plan of conquering Formula D. Long-time friend of Fredric Aasbo will compete in PRO2 series in Fredric’s old FD prepped Toyota Supra. I had a chance to discuss his preparations, we talked about Gatebil and his goals for the upcoming season.

– Where are you from?
– I am from Norway

– What are you working on at the moment?
– At daytime I work as a salesman for Volvo & Kia cars at a dealer and after work I plan my upcoming drifting season, working with sponsors and so on.

– Who’s helping you? Let’s say who’s on your team?
– I drive for team Japanauto and I’m working with RAD-Industries (Dan Burkett) with transport and workshop in the US. During race days my team is 4 people: the owner of Japanauto Tom Ole Svendsen (spotter), Joachim Waagaard from Joachim Waagaard Motorsports (Mechanic), Magnus Aarflot form ES-Tuining Oestfold (Mechanic) and my crew chief Thomas Arntsen.


– Tell me about Formula D, what was the decision maker?
– I wanted to go to Formula Drift for a long time now, I think the last 5 years that has been my plan in the back of my head, and you can say my main plan with all that I`ve done in drifting. Of course, when Fredric Aasbo and Kenneth Moen went there, my goal of competing in FD became a lot stronger, but I felt that I needed a lot of experience before taking the big step, that`s why I have been waiting until this year.

– Where do you set your expectations? Will a podium be your goal for the first season or you’re drifting for more?
– My goal is to qualify for the PRO championship next year and learn all the tracks. When it comes to my season goal, i’m going for as many podiums as possible.

– You will do the full Pro 2 season?
– I will try my best to get my budget to do all 4 rounds this year. That`s my plan!

– What will you drive?
– I will drive Fredric Aasbo`s old Team Japanauto Supra this season. It has a 2JZ VVTI engine with 550whp and 800nm. We run our well known Japanauto setup on the suspension with K&W Coilovers at the moment. Fredric used this car during 2008-2010 period and it`s been stored in the US since then. We are working together with Dan Burkett (RAD-Industries) who is driving a Supra in PRO this year.


How are you preparing yourself for the new challenge?
– I’m really looking forward to get started on the season, and I know the competition will be very strong. I’m trying to prepare myself and the team as good as I can, watching livestream`s from last year’s races, doing physical and mental training, and trying to get as much seat time as possible before we head out to the first race in Orlando.

– Did you get some good advice from Aasbo or some other pros? I understand that judging is quite different from what you would get in Europe, many bring it up as a top concern for FD rookies.
– I got some good advice from Aasbo and Moen on my way and I’m really grateful that they share a little information so I’m more prepared for what to come. I’m sure I need a little time to get used to the driving style and get used to the tracks. I’m trying to study races from last year as good as I can to see what the judging want and how decisions were made.

– Which is your highlight of 2016?
– That must be winning the Scandinavian Powerdrift series and Gatebil Super 3 with Fredric Aasbo and Tor-Anders Ringnes (team Toyota).


– Describe Gatebil
– Gatebil to me is the coolest place to be as a drifter. It`s the place to be if you’re a driver that will grow both on and outside the track. Gatebil gives me that butterfly in my stomach feeling every year. I think the best thing with Gatebil is that they are always taking things to the next level both for drivers and spectators. It`s cool that we have a car meet 40 minutes from my home base.

– What’s your relationship with Fredric Aasbo? I noticed, it’s you who drives the GT86 at Gatebil, when Fredric isn’t around.
– I have known Fredric for a long time now and I feel he is a good friend. We drove at the same Go-kart track a lot when we were kids back in the early 2000`s. He is probably the best ambassador we have for Drifting. Yes, I drove his car when he was somewhere else on a drifting competition. He`s giving me good advice on my way up in the sport. He is a good guy with passion for the sport and for helping others!


– Did you do any racing before pursuing drift?
– I started my career in Go-kart back in 1999, and was competing for 7 years. I also tried one race in formula Ford.
My achievements:
-Norwegian Champion 2004
-Nordic Champion 2004
-Driver of the year 2004
-30+ Podiums

– Anything else you would like to share?
– I’m very happy for the huge support I get from anyone who follows what I do this year and I would not gotten anywhere if all of you out there had not believed in me and my team, so thank you so much for believing in us.

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