Interview with Victoria

Victoria is a digital artist and 3D designer with strong appeal towards car culture. She works a lot with Corvettes, but is passioned about every car. We discussed her work, her dreams and hobbies.

– Where are you from?
– Estonia

– What are you working on?
– I create digital artworks and renderings, 3D models and visualisations, car graphics and corporate identity, including logo and apparel design.


– How would you describe yourself?
– Purposeful

– What inspires you?
– Love of life


– What else you like to do in life except working on a computer?
– Learn something new, jogging, enjoy nature, knitting.

– How did you get interested in cars?
– Brother bought a Play Station and Need for Speed II. I liked to play it and that’s what got me into cars. I was 10.


– How did you fall in love with Corvettes?
– It just happened that I got a lot of offers for Corvettes. I’m not really biased to any car brand, but my favourite car would be a McLaren F1.

– With what kind of projects you wish to work?
– I am already working on it, building up own website, creating new artworks.


– What’s your biggest memory from 2017?
– Saw the Alps for the first time.

– In which softwares you work?
– I use mostly Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D’s Max.


– What services do you offer?
– I offer digital art and graphics services

You can follow Victoria on her website.