Gatebil Rudskogen // July / 2015


I always try to get new experience and choose those events where I haven’t been before, but I can’t say this about Gatebil – I’ve been to Gatebil Rudskogen festival three times and I’m planning to go next year as well. Event is so diverse that I’m not sure why I keep coming back: is it the atmosphere, or drifting, or socialisation with colleagues?

I arrived in the evening on Friday and went straight away to the track, festival program already finished and that meant that Rudskogen circuit is filled with photoshoots. Me and fellow photographer Alex went to say “hi” to Slava Kalashnikov and Felix Chitipakhovyan who’re not in Fail Crew any more and were representing Onroaders. Paddy McGarth, who recently rejoined Speedhunters, was shooting second version of their famous S13.


There wasn’t much more to do on Friday, just hanging out on the track and in the pits. I was also shooting some stuff for my latest art project that day (that I will present after the racing season will be over) and tried to meet everybody. On this day I actually understood that this blog is being followed by quite a few people, suddenly everybody knew “wheelsbywovka” and now they were able to connect the blog to its author.


Saturday started early for me, I wanted to plan my photographing spots in order to catch the best possible action. It paid of, I caught this threesome: Ola Jæger (driving Fredric Aasbo’s GT86), Joachim Waagaard (BMW M4) and Tor-Anders Ringnes (another GT86) and when they passed, I wanted to share the moment with somebody, but understood that I was the only photographer in this corner.


Shortly after I cought up with Joachim and mentioned that I have an awesome shot with him – later he said “epic”. (shot on film)


This year organisers thought even more about safety, it resulted in more strict rules for media and drivers, Gatebil safety cars were behaving a bit differently on the track and they also improved the interior a bit.


Now drivers were aiming for this pole more and think less about dirt drops, but again, making a Combo is precious.


Last year I missed the Extreme Race while hanging in the pits, so this year I was ready. I just love how they put all the imaginable cars in one grid!


Bil Baldwin was on spot again, waiving the flag, hanging around (shot on film)


You have a Carrera here, followed by an E30, a very angry time attack Lancia, R35, Supra…


Really, have you ever seen an old Ford Escort and a DTM Audi in one race? Probably not even on your Play Station


After the race festival continued with traditional Power Slide qualification. It is the only drift event in the world where 4wd cars are competing together with rear-wheel drive ones.


In order to get a high score drivers have to land a perfect trajectory and produce a “show”.


Day was coming to a close, but crowds were just starting to party (shot on film)


Buttsy Butler, Monster Energy driver and one of the party regulars (shot on film)


I thought that third day will be light, but nothing close to it, all the drivers were giving their best and pushed every minute before the end of the festival


In total there were around ten 4wd cars on the track


Another special car Dennis Häggblom’s S2000, the one and only drift S2000 in Europe


I know Dennis for some years now and it’s really nice to catch up with him (shot on film)


On Sunday I found out that this Nismo Super GT car has only around 300hp – it took the second place in the race, against much tougher competitors.


Drivers were pushing hard, only one or two sessions were left


By only watching at this pic you can understand that Ola Jæger enjoyed Fredric’s Toyota.


Some were pushing too hard


It was nice to see the Russian guys actually chilling and having fun without any usual stress (shot on film)