Remembering Gatebil Rudskogen


In 2013 I went to Gatebil for the first time and caught the bug.. I came back in 2014 and already booked the trip for 2015. I seen Gatebil action on “Getaway in Stockholm” DVDs and never understood what is actually happening. Top rated car media blessed this event and as soon as I got there I agreed with them. I know why it’s the best speed festival on Earth – because Scandinavians. People in the North don’t know how to drink moderate, don’t know how to keep a moderate number of cars on the track, don’t know how to put moderate amount of horse power in the car and probably they don’t know the word moderate at all.. and that’s a good thing!


2. When you just get to the track, it’s hard to understand what’s happening. Everything looks like chaos, but after some time you understand that it’s a controlled chaos – everybody are sensing this chaotic situation and react accordingly.


3. It’s also a great variety of cars: drift builds, time attack monsters, exotics, hatchbacks that look like they’re from Mad Max movie


4. Still, mainly it’s a drift festival, so even if you brought your family car, it needs to drift, that’s the rules


5. Volvo of course has a certain popularity in Scandinavia


6. Supra is probably the most common car at the festival: 2JZ Supra, RB26 Supra, M5 Supra or some other Supra that is


7. Kenneth Moen brought one


8. Drift Monkey’s got a few, also they brought Ken Gushi


9. And just to finish with Supras, here are few more


10. And more


11. And more…


12. And more.. that’s how cloudy it is most of the time


13. And few more


14. And some more…


15. Tired of Supras? Well, here’s a S15


16. This is also a Supra


17. Rudskogen race track actually has a big straight, but nobody uses it as such…


18. Participants also like to play some games: dirt drop on 200km/h is one, other one is “run the wall”


19. Games make everybody happy


20. but even without the games there’s plenty of action


21. as you noticed, quite a few Formula D drivers like to appear at the event. Vaughn Gittin jr. for example


22. Ryan Tuerck was here in 2013, when he hooked up with Russia’s Fail Crew, who are always at the event


23. In 2014 they gave one of the cars to Mark Webb


24. and Max Tvardovkiy was in his usual Skyline


25. and here are Max and Felix preparing for the powerslide championship


26. Ardo, owner of Wisefab is also one of the usuals


27. Another thing I noticed at the event, it’s the amount of tattooed people, maybe there’s a discount at the ticket area?


28. this sleeve probably got ready for this year’s event


29. Webby and Butsy, good fellows)


30. looks like she went for shopping


31. Monster is one of the big sponsors of the festival


32. One of the drift monkeys


33. who else were there? Magnus Walker was brought by Speedhunters


34. Bil Baldwin, probably the most famous track marshal came to a great holiday location


35. Niall Gunn, the one responsible for Drift Allstars


36. Fredric Aasbo, of course, patron of the event


37. Bandana boy, did a great job with Drift Allstars cinematography in 2014


38. in the end, it seems that the only person without a tattoo was this girl working for a tattoo parlour (:


39. When racing day ends at Gatebil, photographers try to take as many cool cars they can to the racetrack and photograph them for future issues


40. Light is perfect in the evening


41. Speedhunters try to do the most features out of this weekend


42. Superb Porsches these were


43. Boxster with a surprise


44. some more shoots are coming


45. Otherwise track is empty and all motors must be shut down


46. I caught a full Moon just earlier in the year at Le Mans 24H and now it was shining here


47. Day 2. Day when Powerslide qualification is held – only drift event out here that has rules and probably it’s the most boring


48. Top cars need to make an ideal run


49. Fredric is always one of the leaders here


50. but it was Taavi Toomara who took the top qualifying spot


51. after the heats Aasbo and Gittin went for some tandems and showing off


52. There’s always a tuning show near by


53. Well, basically the whole thing is one big tuning show


54. To be honest I would like to see these cars on the track as well


55. Imagine this Opel drifting?


56. Second day was as usual


57. Drifting…


58. … and chilling


59. Drifting…


60. … and chilling


61. Drifting…


62. … and chilling a bit more


63. some racing…


64. … chilling


65. A bit more smoking…


66. 4WD Drifting…


67. and some more chilling


68. Posing…


69. Working…


70. Chilling…


71. Riding…


72. More riding…


73. Backwards entry-ing…


74. Racing…


75. Trainspotting…


76. Even more drifting…


77. You got the idea? It doesn’t end..


78. One thing I did in 2014 is that I went to the mountains, where I haven’t been the year before. What I saw there?


79. You’re right: racing and drifting


80. What else you need to know? You can get a taxi ride there


81. So, do you want to come this year?