September Gatebil in the rain or the story of 10 spectators


Earlier in autumn, I went once more time to Norway. My main priority was the NEZ Formula Offroad final in Skien, but there was also a Gatebil event at the same time.


I arrived Friday evening and based on the weather forecast, decided to go to Rudskogen, also it seemed a better place for sleep than some petrol station.


Rain already passed when I arrived, but Saturday looked to be a different story – heavy rain all day long. At the moment everybody were mainly eating and preparing for some 90’s euro-disco party.


Why, yes why, you don’t hear any normal music at Gatebil?


Another question I ask, why all the cool Lada cars I know are painted red-ish?


Since I choose to keep my budget low, my option is to sleep in the car. Oh my, I will remember that thunder storm and heavy rain drops for quite a while.


It started to rain in the night, and basically didn’t finish till evening, except for a bit of sunshine at midday.


Nevertheless, I got my accreditation sorted and went to the track, just to find out that there are more photographers at the track than spectators.


Being realistic, I knew that I won’t get any good drift shots. Even before flying to Norway, I knew that I just want to take one picture – start lap of the Extreme race from the cliff after the first two corners. I thought all cars will be still racing together and I can get at least 10 of them in one shot.


Rain stopped during the last practice and light was tremendous for some time


So, I ran to the cliff, well prepared for the start of the race, I did make a few good shots from there, but unfortunately cars were not that close to each other already at that point


Poor marshal at the side of the track asked me, do I know, will it rain again or not – sadly I did knew the answer and said, yes, very soon and for a long time


I stayed to watch some drift trains in the rain. Remember, that hill had 40 000 spectators on them in July.


From a photographer’s point of view, it wasn’t very interesting


but I guess the drivers had loads of low-budget fun during rain


Rest of the day I spent behind the wheel – and when I say that, I mean I was hiding from rain, reading a book


It was another night at the race track and next morning I was already on my way to Skien – to what proved to be my racing highlight of the year.