How to get sponsors for your Drift Car

1) Make your car look good, then run well. Polish your shit up (clean and tidy pits, car, etc.)

2) Winning doesn’t guarantee sponsors. Nobody knows when you win. You can guarantee two videos after the event, distribution, etc. Take care of your sponsors. Sponsorship is not about putting a logo on your car.

3) Sponsors don’t need a logo drifting around a track, they need “activation”. There are thousands ways to activate fans, just be creative: from simple giveaways and couponing to test rides and interactions with fans.

4) Be super hard-working hustler

5) Don’t be afraid to do stuff for free

6) Consistent social media (create content)

7) Promote above your skill level (but don’t have an ego and don’t be an asshole)

8) Help people

9) Find somebody with a camera who wants to be a media guy

10) Look what industry leaders are doing, copy their strategy before you have your own.

Read how to do Social Media if you’re a drifter:

Examples: Mad Mike is someone you should look up to. Didn’t do any podiums at Formula D, but he has one of the strongest sponsorship programs out there. Probably he is the best known Kiwi, at least in motorsport. His style, crazy content and engagement with fans keeps him active and up there with the best.

Remember Mike Essa? He’s an FD champion for Goddess’ sake, we thought after that title, he will come back covered in logos, but instead, he did so little updates, so everybody just forgot about him.

Real hustlers are Tuerck and Forsberg, can you count how many shows and content they produce? No, I can’t either.. too many. That’s why they’re under the shoulder of FD’s title sponsor. Remember, don’t sell your wins, sell something you can guarantee. Chris didn’t win even a single race in 2016 and still got the title!

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