Things to Consider When Insuring Your Rally Car

Insuring a rally car used for sporting events such as The American Gumball Rally and the Redbull Global Rallycross, is different from obtaining insurance on your ordinary vehicle. You may need to consider storage and transit of your vehicle as well as paddock coverage. If your car is a collector’s car, you may want to obtain exceptional insurance to make sure that it’s covered to the full value of the vehicle. Here are some of the things to look out for when you are looking to get coverage.

Does your insurance cover events?

You might have many different types of rally driving events that you take part in. When you are looking to buy rally car insurance, it is important that you check what sort of events are covered. These may include circuit racing and road rallies. Some insurance policies don’t cover events at all; however, you may find that you are covered under the actual event’s insurance policy. Check the small print on your policy. If you want personal liability included in your insurance cover, you might want to look into umbrella policies that cover the vehicle and any other possible damage that may happen. Protecting your precious vehicle is something you should consider high priority so looking closely at all clauses of your policy is essential.

Single event policies

If you are attending just one event, or a rally car race abroad, you may find it cheaper just to purchase a single event policy. These sorts of policies are great at suiting your budget and your car insurance needs. If there are exceptional clauses you can discuss these with your insurance company and they can be added separately.

Storage and insurance

Storage and transit insurance is important if you are travelling to and from lots of different events. This might include shows and displays as well as overnight stays at motorsport and rally events. Laid up cover is only for cars that are being kept in storage. Check your policy or quote carefully to make sure that it includes items like trailers, karts, equipment and tools, as these may need to be insured separately.

Accident coverage

Finally, make sure that you have accident coverage. This is important not only for your own wellbeing, but for others too. You may wish to cover all drivers, crew, event staff, mechanics, volunteers and of course spectators.

When it comes to insurance it is better to be prepared and make sure that you have cover both yourself and your rally car. That way you can enjoy your races and events with peace of mind.