Best Performance Upgrades For Cars

In Australia, getting a wide range of high-tech performance upgrades for your car is much easier today compared to several decades ago. Every car enthusiast knows the importance and advantages of getting a regular performance boost for their ride.

Thinking of getting it soon? In this piece, we will share with you some of the best performance upgrade tips that you should consider before jumping to any car mods.

Determine your goals

Make sure that before you add any performance modifications to your car, it is crucial to determine and consider your performance goals for your ride. Assess first your intentions why you should want a high-performance upgrade. It is important to weigh in and evaluate your goals to get the best results.

If you only want a quicker, swiffer drive on the highway — then the upgrade that you need may not be as extreme as those who set up their rides for a competition or racing events.

The Disc Brakes

One of the first things that needs to get an upgrade is your car’s brake. If your ride has old drum brakes, then a disc brake is an upgrade that you would want to get. This kind of brake will give you the capability to stop when you need to. Remember that the strength of your car’s brake system motivates you to drive faster and push your engines harder because you know it will give you safe and quick stops.

A Good Set of Tires

A Car upgrade is almost synonymous with changing your tires. All-season tires are installed on most of the cars today. These are low-cost tires that run good in a normal driving condition but of course, may frustrate you when you try to drive your car a bit faster than usual.

When you upgrade your tires, you need performance tires that have better road grip. These are relatively softer than the usual all-season tires. Remember that the softer the compounds that make up your tire, the better the road grip. This way, you can accelerate confidently on the road.

Consider High-Performance Wheels

Thinking of upgrading your tires? You better upgrade your wheel setup too! With the right set of high-performance wheels, such as getting lighter alloy ones, your car handling will improve.

If you are into aggressive or high-speed driving, racing-inspired aftermarket wheels are the ones that you would want to get for your car. It absorbs braking heat quicker than stock wheels.


If you want a more stable and more enhanced control and handling, go and upgrade your suspension system. When your car performs quicker turns, its weight shifts with greater force – requiring a tighter car handling.

ECU Remap

Another way to give your ride a boost is to have your car ECU remapped. When you go for an ECU upgrade, your engine’s fueling, ignition timing, torque delivery, and turbocharged engines are even more boosted. With a more performance-centered engine management system through ECU remapping, your engine will use its untapped potential. This means that it will give you better throttle response, amazing horsepower and torque, and even big savings on fuel.

Intake of Cold Air

When upgrading your car to unleash its highest potential, do not neglect to get a cold air intake for your ride. This way, it improves the air and fuel mixture in the cylinders of your engines. Always remember that the more oxygen you bring or pump into the engine, the more fuel you burn, the more good output you get.

When you upgrade the cold air intakes, it will enable you to avoid heat soak. This is because the air filter is placed as far from the engine as possible.

A cold air intake that has a dry filter element is the best choice for this. Because oiled filter one is one of the main causes of airflow unit malfunction. If you live in a heavy rainfall-prone area, opt for a cold air intake with water ingestion preventing bypass valve.

Exercise Caution

It is an important reminder that before you jump in any modification or tinkering in your car, always ask for an expert’s advice or seek professional help.

Some mods may look easy to install on your own but it is always best to seek a second opinion. Some driving enthusiasts wait until the warranty expires before installing any performance upgrade systems.


While it is best to get upgrades for your car to boost its performance, it is recommended to also choose high-quality kits and systems to ensure the best output. At AusBody Works, you can get top-rated, imported parts such as ABS and Polyurethane body kits that are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing yet affordable.