5 Car Maintenance Tips Before You Go On A Road Trip

You should always keep your car well maintained if you want to have a safe drive and keep the car running for a long time. Road trips are very fun and exciting, and they are the perfect vacation for any group of friends or family members. Road trips may be super exciting but, when you are leaving for a long road trip, it is especially necessary that you make sure that everything is in order with your car.

This is important for your safety, and if you run into a car problem on a road trip, your whole experience can be ruined. Today we are writing about some of the main maintenance tasks you need to perform before your car is ready for a long road trip. Check them out. 

Maintain the tires of your car

You need to pay special attention to the maintenance of your tires and breaks when you are about to embark on a long trip. Good quality and well-maintained tires and breaks are essential for the safety of your car. Did you know that tire blowouts are one of the most common reasons for accidents and by maintaining your tires you can significantly reduce the chances of accidents on the road? Check the condition of your tires and make sure that they have the proper amount of traction or road grip. If you have been using the same tires for a long time, then you should consider replacing them before you leave. On average most tires stay safe and functional for about two or three years. After that, you should consider changing them. You should also make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Keep an extra tire and a tire changing kit in your car in case you face some problems on the road. 

Check on the breaks 

As far as the breaks are concerned, you should start by inspecting the condition of your brake pads. If the brake pads are worn out, then you should consider replacing them before you leave. Also, remember to change the brake fluids to ensure the safety of your car. Your brakes should be in top condition because brake failures cause a lot of devastating accidents every year, and you should try to keep yourself safe.

Replace the engine oil and other fluids

When it comes to basic maintenance of your car, one of the first things that you should do is check your oil daily. You should also frequently change your engine oil to keep your car running smoothly. When you are about to leave for a long road trip, you already know that your car is going to be in overdrive for the next couple of days, your car is going to drive for long times and travel a lot of miles, so, you should change the engine oil of your car before you leave. According to experts, you should change your oil after every 5000 miles on average but there are a lot of other factors that may require you to change your oil earlier. So, if you know that you are going to be pushing your car to its limits, you should at least put in a change of oil so that it can run smoothly and stay safe from damage. You should also check the other fluids, like the coolant and water in the car and change it is required.

Check up in the electronics of your car

The electronics of the car are also essential to its performance, and many people forget about their maintenance while focusing on the mechanics. Start by inspecting the condition of the battery, add some battery acid and distilled water if required. You should also look at the condition of your wiring and other electrical components of your car like the cooling fan. Remember to check the fuses of the car and also keep some fuses with you in case you need to change one while making a repair along the way. While you are looking at the electronics also check out the condition of the headlights and tail lights of your car. Just google led headlights 2019 to find about the best led headlights in the market.  

Wash and wax your car properly

Of course, your car is going to get dirty when you are on a road trip, so you don’t want to start the road trip with an already dirty car. Take your car to the car wash and have it cleaned and waxed thoroughly. Washing and waxing your car regularly is very important for the protection of its exterior. Dust and dirt can damage the paint of your car, and dirt in the undercarriage of your car can cause a lot of problems including rusting in some cases. So make sure that you keep your car clean. 

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