SUUR VÕIDUSÕIT // Thursday Practice / 2015


Suur Võidusõit (Big Race) is considered to be one of the top circuit racing events in Estonian calendar. Many different classes take part: BMW 325 Cup, Porsche Carrera Cup, HRX Camaro Cup/V8 Thundercars, Formula Ford Zetec, Formula Scandic, Legends, Baltic Touring Cars and so on. Yesterday was the first training session before the “Big Race” of Saturday.


2. In the morning teams were setting up their pits, setting up their cars and getting ready for testing


3. So called “Legends” were winning the quantity race between disciplines.


4. Baltic Compact Cap Championship? Or 1600? Or how is it called?


5. These hatches were looking pretty much stock


6. Speaking about stock, I believe this Radical also didn’t go far from it’s factory setup


7. Sticky slick wheels were a must-have for everybody though


8. They said that 4 time World Rally Chmapion Juha Kankkunen was behind the wheel of one of the Porsches


9. Nope, not in this one


10. Classes were changing quite fast between each other


11. I still love this small Yaris T-Sport


12. I believe this is Formula Ford, or maybe Formula Student, are they the same? Gosh, I don’t know anything about cars..


13. And this F3 look-a-like should be the Scandic


14. Personally I liked the legends, because of the number of cars and their entertaining look & driving style.


15. I see that they use 3 different body types


16. Still, don’t think aerodynamics play a big role in this class


17. V8 Thunder Cars were being unloaded, they would go next


18. Their session was together with Radicals. Don’t know how will it be on Race day.


19. During mid-day pause I went through the parking that also had some nice cars parked


20. I fell in love with this Porsche


21. Also I made few more circles around the pits


22. Auto24ring is getting prettier an better every year


23. Camaros were ready to go out to the track again


24. Looking at the weather, it seemed that V8 were bringing the clouds closer


25. Is that why they’re called Thunder Cars?


26. Too complicated


27. I also thought about one project that I will probably do. Stay tooned!


28. This just looks like a scene from Wacky Races


29. Close one!


30. Few Porsches also spun out on the last corner of the track, Juha was one of them.


31. And don’t forget that it was a practice session, nobody battled for places


32. It was more about finding the right setup


33. And improve on time