Gran Turismo Baltica // Auto24ring / 2015


I’m already used that in the end of July I get to shoot some supercars at Auto24ring. Gran Turismo Baltica have been coming to this circuit for four times now and always attracts plenty spectators.


2. Organisers themselves say that the race track in Pärnu is one of the finest in Eastern Europe, so event is always fully booked.


3. Finest supercars come to the track


4. I photographed this event a bit differently this time, almost didn’t use my trusty 70-200 and put pressure on the other equipment that I have and that I don’t use most of the time.


5. The result was immense: new wallpaper for a Windows OS or a Navitrolla wannabe


6. In general the weather was very bright and sky had great texture


7. Brightness gave a lot of contrast to the pictures.


8. At Auto24ring there is one unreachable place that I’m always envying – barrier that is 20 meters in front from where it’s allowed to stand, right next to this beautiful S-turn


9. It looks like that the track gets more and more recognisable, I don’t remember anywhere else this awesome white line of pits that really adds drama to the background


10. But what I don’t like in the tracks of our regions, the greenness of them. Cars do look better in concrete environment.


11. “Like there is no Tomorrow”


12. Even though it’s an event without a competitive factor, drivers love to see checked flags and grid girls


13. Being sponsored by a casino is also nice I believe


14. Another thing I noticed everywhere in the pits: timeless Louis Vuitton bags and a new shoe trend


15. Good to see girls behind the wheel as well


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