Motorcycle Maintenance Items For Fuel-Injected Bikes

Modern mechanics are far more complicated and generally reliable than their predecessors. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do any maintenance. In fact, maintenance is even more important to make sure your motorcycle gives you years of service.

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If you are interested in completing your own maintenance on a fuel injected motorcycle then these are the things you should be doing:

Air Filters

Your air filter is very important; it allows air to get to the engine to create combustion which powers your bike. A clean air filter can make a huge difference to the amount of air getting through and the performance of your motorcycle.

At least once a year you should remove it and clean it or replace it. Your decision should be based on how dirty it looks.

Engine Oil

All engines need oil to lubricate the moving parts. This prevents friction which would destroy the engine.

Oil gets dirty over time and absorbs moisture; making it less effective at keeping your parts running smoothly.

It’s a good idea to drain the oil once a year and refill it. You should always use the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

On a weekly basis you should visually check the oil to make sure it is between minimum and maximum on the dipstick.

Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter will prevent your bike from running smoothly or at peak performance. You are likely to notice lumpy idle or additional vibrations to normal.

It is usually best to replace the fuel filter unless it looks in excellent condition and you can see the reason for the partial blockage.

Be careful, your fuel system may be pressurized.

Check Spark Plugs

It is always a good idea to check your spark plugs at least once a year. Their color can help to tell you about the condition of your engine. You should clean them up and check the gap between the plug and the metal; your service book will tell you what this should be.

Check Your Exhaust

You will usually be able to tell if you have a problem with your exhaust from the change in sound that your bike makes. However it is a good idea to give it a visual inspection every month. This will verify it is attached properly and help you to spot any issues.


Your tires are the only part of the bike in contact with the road. It is essential you check their pressure and tread levels weekly if not before every ride. Badly worn or soft tires can affect the handling of your motorcycle and even cause you to crash. It’s not worth the risk.


Finally you should drain your coolant at least once a year. The water should be colored the same color as your antifreeze. Regular checks will assure you that there are no leaks in the cooling system. You simply need to drain it, flush it and refill it!