5 New Technologies for a Better Driving Experience

Automakers and innovators have been constantly trying to develop new technologies to improve driving experience. These technologies collectively serve many purposes, including minimizing the risk of accidents, reducing fuel consumption, and making driving more pleasant in general. Some of them are only available in the newest vehicle models, while others can be added on to older vehicles. Here is a look at five new technologies that can change the way you drive.

Autonomous or Semi-Autonomous Driving

While there is a lot of hype around self-driving vehicles, it may be a few years before such vehicles become truly roadworthy. In the meantime, a number of automakers are rolling out vehicles with autonomous or semi-autonomous driving capabilities. Tesla is leading the way with its Autopilot system, and Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Volvo are developing similar technologies to make hands-free driving a reality.

Advanced Lumbar Support

Comfortable and ergonomic seats are essential for professional drivers such as taxi drivers and truckers, because they can reduce fatigue and prevent back pain. Infinity introduced its new spinal support seats through the QX30, and it is expected to include this seating concept throughout its lineup if it is proven to be a success. These seats follow the natural curves of the spine to provide next-level comfort.

Large Animal Detection

According to the Federal Highway Administration, almost 100 percent of collisions with large animals such as elks and moose result in substantial vehicle damage. In order to help drivers prevent such collisions, Volvo developed a large-animal detection system, a radar-based system that detects large obstacles and automatically applies the brakes if its warning is not heeded by the driver.

Advanced Forward Collision Warning

While forward collision warning is nothing new, automakers have been trying to take the technology to a new level. As a result, Nissan has come up with an advanced forward collision warning system that does not only monitor the vehicle directly in front of you, but two vehicles ahead. This will give you extra warning when the traffic is slowing down.

Loading and Dispatching App

HWY Pro is an app developed by Bill Busbice Jr, Harry Hover, and Paul Svindland to enable truckers to organize loads and dispatches more efficiently. With this app, truckers can arrange thousands of loads at once, receive real-time information on loads and newly available loads, secure loads with freight specialists, and plan more efficient routes.

Whether you are an ordinary driver, taxi driver, or trucker, it is beneficial to use the latest automotive technologies. Determine your needs and preferences as a driver, and use the appropriate technologies to create a personalized driving experience.

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