The biggest risks facing motorcyclists

If you ride a motorcycle then you’re already benefiting from a better mental outlook, improved upper body strength, stronger legs and the incredible social aspect that comes with riding these impressive, powerful machines.

Anyone who has a passion for motorcycles will tell you that they’re so much more than just a way of getting from A to B – it’s a way of life. However, this popular interest isn’t without its dangers. With large numbers of road accidents involving motorcyclists each year, it makes sense to study some of the biggest risks facing riders when they hit the open road.

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Distracted drivers

You can be the most diligent rider on the road, but if a fellow motorist is distracted and isn’t being extra vigilant for motorcyclists, then you’re more likely to come off worse. If you’ve been in an accident whilst riding your bike get more info from a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. As a motorcyclist, you need to almost think ahead and always assume that other drivers haven’t spotted you. This means wearing reflective gear, riding a brightly colored motorcycle and always being ready to yield and turn-offs and junctions.

Braking suddenly

Sometimes motorcyclists have no choice but to slam on their brakes. Especially if there has been an accident or the circumstances on the road have dramatically changed. Motorcycles have the majority of their braking power at the front of their bikes, which means gripping the brake too tightly and too suddenly could have you either ejected from your seat or going straight over the front of your bike.

Road debris

Even the most experienced and professional riders can find themselves in a dangerous situation and at the mercy of debris in the road. Roadkill, sand, grease, fuel spills, branches, rocks and of course gravel all have the ability to reduce your grip on the road and leave you struggling to maintain control of your motorcycle.


Sadly, those who have recently passed their motorcycle test are more likely to find themselves caught up in road accidents, simply due to their lack of experience. Riding to a test standard only gets motorcyclists so far, and most are advised to take further instruction after their test so they can get to grips with adverse weather conditions, highways and freeways whilst learning how to ride defensively.

Opening car doors

This isn’t really something to worry about if you’re a country rider, however, if you’re someone who regularly rides through cities and towns then the opening of car doors poses a serious health risk. As well as being on the lookout for distracted and dangerous drivers, motorcycle riders have to be on alert for stationary vehicles opening their doors into oncoming traffic. Hitting a car door at speed can have devastating consequences for your health and your motorcycle!

Final thoughts…

Riding a motorcycle is an incredibly rewarding experience, however, if you find yourself the victim of a road collision that could have been avoided, reach out to a PI lawyer as soon as possible.