Get your motor running – why top car manufacturers are utilising DAM software

When it comes to car manufacture and sale, competition is fierce. With all automotive brands jostling to get ahead of their rivals, offering the very latest in motor technologies, smart-connected vehicles and electric and eco-friendly cars, it’s no wonder that consumers have a difficult time deciding where to spend their money.

Thanks to the popularity of hire purchase vehicle deals, owning a new vehicle is no longer something reserved for people with money burning a hole in their pocket, in fact, car ownership has never been more accessible to young drivers and bargain hunters alike. This fact alone means car brands are constantly searching for ways to remain one step ahead of the competition and turn the heads of consumers.

This is where DAM or Digital Asset Management software comes in. Social media and digital content are continually idolised as the best way to engage with potential clients, as a way to influence their choice of vehicle and spending habits. Whether marketers within the motor industry want to launch a new product, a safety feature campaign or they want to launch a new marketing plan overseas, social media and online advertising operations continue to bring in proven results and revenue.

Creating a digital strategy can be time-consuming and costly, especially if the process is drawn out and manufacturers are constantly swimming against a tide of slow systems and tired processes. Delaying any kind of digital marketing strategy will swiftly put the brakes on any advertising campaign, so, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why popular car manufacturers are utilising DAM software.

Problems with organisation

As a top automotive manufacturer, the number of digital assets stored both internally and externally is overwhelming, to say the least. From the latest car specifications to safety feature information, logos, model names and features, and so on. Sadly, these files are usually left to organise themselves, thrown together in a confusing and disorganised array of hardware and cloud-based storage. This lack of centralised organisation can cause chaos and slow down any online promotion, whether it’s PR waiting for files, or creative teams struggling to find the latest versions of car specifications.

DAM provides a singular centralised digital asset hub, that can be accessed by anyone who needs it. All files are digitally organised and tagged, which means searching for the files needed can be done within seconds.

File sharing problems

Throughout any digital marketing campaign, sales meeting or design process, file sharing is part of the process. Sadly, the large and often complex array of files that are sent from one employee to another can slow the entire process down.

With DAM file sharing is streamlined and any size of file is permitted. No more chaotic email chains or complicated zip files. Just simple, swift sharing.

And finally, brand identity

When it comes to car manufacture, branding is key. It’s at the very heart of everything they design, create and put on the road. Sticking to key brand guidelines isn’t always easy, especially when there are thousands of digital assets to be organised. The use of the wrong logo or outdated tag line on the latest marketing materials is a costly and embarrassing mistake to fix.

Thankfully, with DAM brand consistency is easy thanks to the centralised and fully organised digital asset library. With smart version control capabilities, teams will only ever have access to the latest file versions, ensuring consistency across all marketing campaigns!