Fastest Corvette C2 in the world

I’ve photographed this 1965 Corvette few years ago on a very hot sunny day, so hot in fact that my shoes were getting glued to the tarmac.


Owner (Kimmo “SIX-5” Nevalainen) bought it around 10 years ago, fully rebuilt it, repainted it, changed everything. Car is built for multi-purpose, it’s good in corners, good on drag strip and at a car show.


In April Kimmo improved his World Record run (fastest C2 Corvette) for Standing Mile – 201.3 MPH (323.96 KMH)


He drove it on Le Mans track, at Nordschleife, Hockenheim, etc.



Engine is aV8 400cui that goes to 7000 rpm, 1000+ hp