Cars can be extremely sentimental to some people: they hold memories of times that we hold as important to our lives. It’s easy to get attached to the vehicles we drive, we spend a lot of time in them. So for that reason, many people choose to continue driving older cars, whether they’re inherited or bought these antique cars can be some people’s most prized possessions.

However, old cars are expensive to keep road ready. They require constant maintenance and care, while this may be an entertaining hobby for those mechanically minded for others it may end up being a very costly item to keep.


Not to mention the sheer petrol consumption and cleaning costs that go into older vehicles. It can get to a point when one has to consider whether it’s really a good idea to continue pumping money into these objects. On the other hand, buying a new car is a big expense, not all of us are in the position to purchase another vehicle. If your car is functioning fine you may not want to get rid of what you’re driving.

It’s important to take note of a wide range of factors to help you make the best choice in whether to continue using the same car. Here are the factors you should acknowledge in your decision making:

· Cost Comparisons
Would monthly payments on a new car shadow the costs of repairs you are already paying on an existing car? These costs should be calculated to help you make a rational choice on the practicality of your decision.

· Your Stance on DIY Repairs
Older vehicles break down, it’s common knowledge. These cars will and do have troubles. Make sure you’re prepared for the responsibility that comes with owning an antique vehicle. If you’re more of a hands-off driver, maybe consider going with a vehicle that’s lower maintenance.

· Gas Costs
This is a big one, cars can vary drastically in costs over petrol consumption. Newer vehicles can generally run on lower petrol consumption with many manufacturing companies offering electrical options, it may skewer your decision to learn how much you could save immediately from going with a new vehicle.

· Safety Worries?
Does your car have functional air bags or seat belts? These are extremely important to have. Newer vehicles are generally a lot more safer than older ones, if you’ve got a young family or you’re worried about your personal safety you may want to consider other vehicle options.

Driving a car is a big factor of a lifestyle, the vehicle you spend time in needs to be one you enjoy driving. It’s important to take note of the reasons you own a particular kind of car and what you want to get from your vehicle. Taking into account what’s important to you in terms of your car can help you make the best decisions on what you choose to drive.