Estonian Rally Cross // Vasalemma / 2015


You should consider this blog as my personal evolution timeline – my journey to becoming great motorsport photographer. That’s why I don’t limit myself with competitions I photograph. Donations and sponsorship is gladly accepted also, always. Basically, I prefer to point my camera at action that is naturally lit and creates an atmosphere, this is why drift or anything on gravel are the events that I prefer.


This is how I can describe rally cross: dust, more dust with dirt and close fights in the dust.




Also, I believe rally cross is a shortcut to becoming a good rally photographer: you see more racing and if you missed the desired shot, you will have the opportunity again, since cars will return for another lap.


For drivers it’s also a life-hack into gravel racing, because you race not only against time, but you actually see and can follow your stronger opponents and improve faster.


While I still try to blow dust away from all the holes in my camera, I feel that it’s an event I really enjoyed.


This year I plan another event in the “sand dunes”.


It will be NEZ Formula Offroad in Norway. I think, with all this atmosphere it can easily become my highlight of the year.


And for you guys, I suggest you go for the next Rally Cross event next to the place you live or at least follow World RX live streams – it’s worth it.