Why you may need to hire a lawyer after a truck accident

No driver wants to be involved in an accident. But, most of us recognize that there is a good chance that we will be at some point.

In the majority of countries, the amount of traffic on the roads is increasing. For example, according to Statista, since 1990, the number of vehicles on American roads has risen by 79.4 million. In general, busier roads mean more collisions.

If you are unlucky you will be hit by a big vehicle. Something that greatly increases your chances of being injured or having your vehicle totaled. In that situation, it is usually wise to seek out the services of an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer. Here is why.

The truck firm is the one that will settle your claim

The primary reason someone who has been hit by a truck should consider hiring a lawyer is that they are likely to be going toe to toe with the truck firm rather than the driver. In many places, the law states that if the driver of a commercial vehicle has an accident it is their employer that is liable. Usually, these truck firms have a legal team that deals with claims. So, to stand any chance of winning a decent level of compensation you need to have someone with relevant legal knowledge in your corner.

Your injuries are more likely to be serious

When a vehicle is hit by a truck there is a far higher risk that its occupants will be injured, often, seriously.  Every year, around 80,000 people are injured after accidents involving trucks. Also, around 5,000 road users die. There is a 17% chance that you will be seriously hurt if you are involved in a collision with a heavy, high-sided vehicle. As you can see here serious injuries and fatalities caused by accidents of this nature are on the increase.

It is not uncommon for multiple bones to be broken and organs to be damaged. So, recovery can take a long time or for you to be left with permanent disabilities.

In that situation, it is vital that you secure a good level of compensation. If you do not, your quality of life will be too negatively impacted. You are, for example, likely to need money to be able to pay for specialist treatment. It is also possible that your disabilities will worsen as you get older, leaving you having to find the cash to pay for a team of carers.

There is a good chance your vehicle will be totaled

You will also likely find that your vehicle cannot be repaired. This means that potentially you can end up spending quite a few weeks without a car of your own. A situation that will usually end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Having to pay for a hire car or public transport all adds up. If you are self-employed and it is your work vehicle that is off the road the chances are you will end up losing quite a bit of money. So, you want to be sure of recouping those losses. Something a lawyer can do more effectively than you can.

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