Tell-tale signs it’s time to junk your car

Junking your car is like saying goodbye to an old friend. You’ve known each other for years and you’ve been through a lot together. But sometimes friendships just don’t work out – especially if one of you isn’t getting good mileage and needs some expensive repairs.

It’s usually at this point, car owners decide to sell their vehicles. However, selling your car online or from the end of your driveway isn’t as easy as it should be. With tyre kickers and hagglers doing nothing but wasting your time and energy, it’s hardly worth the minimal price you’re asking for.

The most popular option? Getting your car junked. When you’ve exhausted all other options, of it you need a quick sale, it just makes sense.

If you’ve owned your car for some time, the idea of junking it might be difficult, but there are some signs you just can’t ignore. Read on for the tell-tale signs it’s time to junk your car.

You feel embarrassed to drive it

Squeaky tyres, funny sounds when you turn too quickly and choking on black smoke. Do you cringe when you turn the key every morning? If so, then it might be time to get your car junked. If your vehicle requires more than one repair, all of which are expensive, then why suffer from embarrassment any longer? Speak with a reputable junkyard to find the best price.

Your car is stuck in the dark ages

These days cars have a whole host of features that make driving easier and make you look good at the same time. Rearview cameras, parking sensors, even parking assistance, tinted windows, LED screens and computer touch technology. If you’re looking for something much more modern, then scrapping your current vehicle to fund your next car just makes sense.

You’ve been in a car accident

If you’ve been in a car crash, then your faithful car possibly has no choice than to go to the junkyard. You’ll get a good price for it, and you’ll be able to move on. Interestingly, many car crash victims opt to scrap their vehicles after a crash simply because they no longer trust the reliability of the vehicle and would prefer a new one with better safety features.

You can’t afford the repairs

It’s no secret that genuine car repairs are expensive, and if you have numerous faults to pay for, the total cost is likely to be off-putting. Thankfully, junking your car gives owners an option to walk away from having expensive repairs fixed, and simply have the money instead.

You need a bigger car

Maybe you’ve outgrown your current three-door, and you want something a little bigger and more robust. You’ve had kids, you’ve got dogs, or maybe you just want something better suited to your lifestyle. Whatever your reasons, if you’ve outgrown your vehicle, scrapping it just makes sense.

Next steps…

If junking your car sounds like something you could benefit from, then reach out to a reputable junkyard as soon as possible.