#MiataByWovka vol.1 – Almost Stock

I’m launching a new hashtag as you can see in the title. Why? Well, because I own a MX-5 Nb and summer season is ending here in Estonia, so during those long Nordic winter nights I plan to tune/upgrade/restore/stance my car a bit. Thing is, I don’t know yet what is the correct word, nor the direction to go.


Right now I’m just holding myself in order not to start to sticker bomb the car. Mind you, my camera and my bicycle have few layers of labels on them, so it’s a passion that is hard to hold off.

I bought it in pretty stock condition, only modifications I noticed were the hideous wheels from Kia Picanto (that I removed straight away), a strut bar (that I’m grateful for) and aluminium rings around the air vents (that don’t arise me in anyway).


Luckily I had spare wheels from an early Na that add a bit of tradition and look awesome with British Racing Green colour of the car. Headlights were pretty dull, so I polished those up. Only this easy procedure itself adds at least 500$ to the car visually.

I didn’t decide which way I would go styling wise, but right now my ideas spin off from Magnus Walker, Nakai-san and Gran Turismo. Check out my later volumes of this sub-blog to find out what route I’ve taken and first changes that I’ve done – maybe the realistic part of my brain will stop me and I just end up with few minor restorations and tweaks in order not to screw with original setup.


I became brave enough to buy a convertible in a country with a very short summer, but am I willing to make the suspension stiff and car less comfortable for everyday use in a city with not very good roads?