Latvian Drift GP // Drift Allstars / 2015


Drift Allstars in Riga, what to say.. Last time I was at Bikernieki I made 50 pictures and went away, thought that i’ve been too many times here, that all angles are same and done long time ago.


At DA I spent two full days at the track, drivers brought inspiration with their car control and attitude.


My memory is still overwhelmed with #gatebilexperience and seeing many familiar faces injected that extra bit of excitement.


Seeing best polish drivers back to the series was a turn on for me as well.


Also so many photographers turned up for the event.


Great talented guys and girls like Jordan Buttors, Paddy McGarth from Speedhunters, guys from Onroaders, Elle from Swedish Drift Magazine, local “veteran” and my friend Deniss Podnebess and others.


They all pushed me to do really good this time.


When was the last time you saw a Speedhunter in Baltics? Never? Don’t count my “one time thing” with SH.


I’m sure many of you got into photography because of #iamthespeedhunter project that Paddy created. Give him a pat on the back next time.


As for cars and drivers, largest variety I’ve seen in a while.


Guys arrived literally from every corner of Europe and beyond: Ireland, Germany, Cyprus, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia to name a few.


Cars: was nice to see Supras competing, I’m already used to see them only at Gatebil and very rarely in a competition


Joachim’s BMW M4 pushed to the limit – riding that curb.


The car is awesome, I just wish it gets a more savage look: big wing and close-to-dtm aero.


Dennis Häggblom’s S2000 didn’t put a foot wrong, but James is the hardest competitor you can get in Top 32. Still, Honda was right on his tale!


The sickest machine is Low Brain Drifters Nissan


Only explanation of the angles this car is pulling, which is very non-scientific, is that it has unofficial Wisefab kits from space attached to the wheels.


Low clouds anomaly was in Riga for two days straight


Cherry on top of the event in Riga – parade on city streets


And I still worry about this: does it bend?


In some ways air is more essential  to engines than to humans


Last checks and fixes before the tandem battles.


Let’s sit and watch


My money was on the homeboy Janis Eglite, quite sure he can drive in Bikernieki with closed eyes


  Ingemars Jekabsons was the first casualty of Top 32, putting his beautiful 6-series into the wall.


During training and qualifying it looked like everybody really knew what they are doing, but with twin battles it became apparent, that when competitive component is added, many start doing unusual things: spinning out, taking really odd trajectories and so on. Battles were accompanied by constant OMT’s.


In the end it came to this: few potential winners were out early, Luke due to the puncture, Fredrik Sjödin was beaten by Bartosz Stolarkski, James Deane sent Piotr Wiecek home early as well while Janis defeated Dawid Karkosik.


Bartosz took 3rd from Formula D driver Kristaps Blušs, final was between qualification winner Janis Eglite and James Deane. Final was tense, but James took the edge.


// I tried to put pictures with more uncommon angles and less familiar spots, if you wish to see more from Drift Allstars at Bikernieki, check out my Facebook Fan Page