Crac: can he kick it?


Another Estonian drift season, eighth if I’m not mistaking, started recently. First round was held in Latvia and already there Team Ghost showed that they mean business this year.


Jarmo Luht, team-mate to Kristjan “Crac” Klemets got to the second step of the podium and now it was Crac’s time to shine.


Kristjan qualified 3rd, but Jarmo did even better and got the top place: both drivers had their aim on the target


In Top 16 Klemets was driving against Rait Lember and luck turned its back on the BMW driver


A tough Top 8 was expected, since Kristian would go against Henri Kivimägi, drifter who should easily claim the Rookie of the Year title in 2016.


Unfortunately Henri had a spin and gave the win to Team Ghost. This how a spin looks like from photographers perspective that knows that he needs to run away


Luht had his own Top 8 at this point, sadly for him he lost to Randar Kajo.


Top 4 were: Klemets vs Jako Pino and Kert-Eigo Kulla vs Randar Kajo. Jako handed the round win to Kristjan and Kulla has beaten Randar Kajo.


Everybody were expecting a strong final. Kert-Eigo Kulla is Estonia’s and NEZ 2015 drift champion. Drivers were evenly matched, both making small mistakes and judges decided to go OMT.


Here Kristjan gave it all and was granted with a win. Kristjan is no stranger to podiums, but a win was something he deserved for many years now.