Hooaja Avakruiis 2015 // Tallinn


I’m quite a fan of american cars, so when I heard that season opening is planned on 1st of May, I was a bit sad. I had to go to Hockenheimring Festival that day and I would miss the US event.


Yes, you heard me right. I knew that I’m going to see DTM and World Rally Cross, but I felt sad missing these old american bombs & muscles.


Luckily I understood that I can squeeze myself for a later plane departure, so I managed to go to the show for 1 hour.


It was good as always, many familiar cars and people, old cars and old people…


I am 56…


Polished chrome, low burble, massive grills – all part of the big US automotive tradition



People are also dressed to the latest fashion (:



For myself, I understood, that I would be very interested in shooting a 2015 Mustang or Corvette, or both together!



and who invited aliens to the party?


Today is all about “murica”





Well, and maybe this guy deserves a cheer…