American Beauty Car Show 2018

Here’s a massive gallery with 100 pics from the annual American Beauty Car Show in Haapsalu.

I love coming to this small town during the event. Fact that only American cars (and most of them old) are allowed to enter the Old Town makes it a bit like Cuba, if you understand what I mean.


It was the first time I came to the show on Friday (ran through it in one hour and drove 3h further to Rally Estonia). I was able to go inside the castle before the general public, so made few clean shots. Also the evening light worked wonders.


Is it possible to know what type of LSD did the designer take based on the shape of the fins?


The Jetsons!


And this one can go to any steam punk cartoon


Coming to my favourite type of an American car


If you don’t count the Road Runner


Those are flies


These are muscle cars :)





Lowrider & hot rod gang




Chevrolet Apache is also my recent new love




Oldest Estonian Corvette if I got my facts right



And now the street part where you may spot examples, better than the show area. Also, these ones are driven, the ones inside are beauty queens, so most of them are transported.



Note: always shoot your tattooer’s car





Seeing able dragsters on the street is the most amazing sight



Now let’s fast forward to Sunday, when I came back to Haapsalu from the rally to catch the parade and the dragrace


Everyone are queueing: show cars and all the visitors who own an american vehicle.









Police interceptor will lead the way




It was a very hot sunny day, asphalt was so sticky that many older cars couldn’t spin the tires. Everything was in the hands of the big guys.






















That’s Roos, came in his Hot Rod all the way from Sweden









Yes, that’s a ZAZ


Now to drag racing. Traditional 1/4 Mile acceleration race, only US import is allowed


Locally famous show stoppers, proper 8sec dragsters




I guess that’s where the nitro hides?



I borrowed a lens from a friend, it’s a 50mm Sigma Art lens and I quickly went to the new level of sharpness




Even tried some portraits

















While some teams actually need to repair their engines, Lauri Kuriks’s mechanics just summon the devilish engine to repair itself