Lowlifer // Stancest’16 / Lennusadam


Another year passed and it was time for the annual Stancest meet organised by Estonian Lowlifer Car Club. It was usual summer weather for Estonia so everybody happily wore their favourite hats, scarfs and winter coats. Exhibitions itself definitely improved from previous year bringing more international cars as well as more “custom”. Here’s my take on the event with this fast 1-hour edit.




































“Best Bagged”: Sami Vilamaa Jaguar XJ6 1989

“Lowlifer Special”: Ats Metusala Lada

“Best Static”: Ruwe Saare VW Corrado G60 1989

“Best Wheels”: Olari Raamat Volvo 240 1983

“People’s Choice”: Olari Raamat Volvo 240 1983

Main Award “The Stancest”: Olari Raamat Volvo 240 1983