How to drive more safely on the highway

No one likes driving on the highway. They’re often busy, stressful and full of people driving in ways that they shouldn’t. In places like Texas, the use of trucks on highways has become even more common, making truck accidents much more likely (if you have been affected, try contacting this truck accident injury law firm) which makes the highway all the more unappealing. Generally, the highway is a stressful place to be, and you’ll need to drive with extra caution. 

So, how can you drive more safely on the highway?

Leave plenty of space

There’s nothing more dangerous than driving too close to the car in front (also known as tailgating). Drivers are instructed to keep a safe distance so they have enough time to respond to anything happening ahead without crashing. If you drive too close to the car in front, you will not be able to brake fast enough and will collide. Always stick to the two second rule on the highway. 

Take regular breaks

Drivers can easily become tired and sleepy on the highway because they’re driving at a regular speed without stopping or turning. Being tired behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous as you could easily fall asleep and have an accident. Avoid drifting off by taking regular breaks and stopping for food and drink. Coffee often helps to keep people alert when on long journeys. Keeping your brain occupied by listening to the radio or a podcast may help, too.

Check traffic in advance

Traffic congestion often happens on the highway, making it a frustrating and stressful place to be. There’s nothing more irritating than a journey taking twice as long due to this. But traffic jams are also key opportunities for bad driving. People will skip queues and regularly change lanes. At best, this irritates those who have patiently waited their turn and, at worst, causes dangerous accidents. So, drive safely by keeping an eye on traffic and changing your route if necessary. Using a navigation system will keep you updated and alert you of any upcoming issues.

Enter safely

Many new drivers fear approaching the highway. Merging with fast cars can feel intimidating and dangerous. However, it shouldn’t be if you follow the rules. When approaching, signal, accelerate to a safe speed and use your mirrors to make sure you have a safe opening. Don’t forget to look over your shoulder at your blind spot, too.

Abide by the speed limit

While the highway is a place where cars drive fast, it’s important to abide by the speed limit and take note of any changes due to roadworks. The speed limit is put in place to keep us safe, so it’s important never to drive faster than the law allows. Make sure you aren’t driving too slowly on the highway, either, as this can cause different safety issues.